Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stay Positive

So last week I was at my weekly team meeting at work and one of the managers, Albert Chow, had a presentation on rejection and positivity. To sum it all up and keep all 3 of you interested, he mentioned that rejection is going to happen and that staying positive is what will keep your spirits up and lead to eventual success. I wholeheartedly agree with that. Positivity is key to everything. Let me make that stand alone for emphasis.


In every aspect of your life you're going to face rejection. Whether it be work, school, relationships, rejection will ALWAYS be a part of life. The thing that haunts most people is the fear of rejection. I will admit I am still terrified of rejection. It is because of that fear that I would never have the guts to tell a girl I liked her and thus kept me from dating in general. The only reason I dated the majority of the girls I did (oh ok, all 4 or 5 of them lol) is because they would make a move first and just flat out tell me "I like you" or give really obvious hints. Then after I knew rejection wasn't an option, I'd go for it. But it was only after that fear of rejection was removed from me that I did anything about the situation. The abscence of fear of rejection is called CONFIDENCE. Since I am still afraid of rejection I lack confidence. Confidence is actually something I'll probably get into in another entry. For now let's bring it all back to POSITIVITY.

My mother is a very conservative woman. She was raised that way and has since lived a cautious life. She has a fear of failure and rejection. Because of that fear, she is always worrying about things and being pessimistic. She has asked me before "Why are you always so relaxed and nonchalant about your problems?" My answer is "Everything's going to work out in the end. Just gotta stay positive and think it will all come together for you." A part I should add to that answer is that aside from thinking positively and believing everything will work out you must work to make things come together for you. Positive thoughts ALONE will NOT yield the desired results. It is true with everything in life. You've gotta think positive thoughts, but also work to make things happen.

I know I'm a very angry, hateful person a lot of the time. I understand why I am like that. I have intense feelings and emotions and I'm not afraid to vent if I'm alone or if the people I'm with aren't involved in the situation that's making me angry. I know when and where to vent so as to not get my ass kicked. The thing no one notices about me though is that I am extremely positive despite having anger issues. I've learned that you can't go through life being a sour puss or being worried about every single little thing in life. If you stay positive, you'll be happier and enjoy life more. Like I mentioned, I'm an angry person, but even in my rage-filled moments, I'm happy. I know, that's weird and probably not healthy but fuck you, you're not my doctor or therapist :) That being said, I think more people need to be positive and happy because it something that is really lacking in today's world.

Everywhere you go, everyone you see is always focusing on the negative. "Hey, how was your day?" "Oh it was alright. I got a flat tire though so that sucks." You flip on the news, "A man was shot __________.", "There are reports of a huge accident taking place in _______.", or so and so are getting a divorce or blah blah blah. I guess the deal with the news is that extreme stories get ratings, but there's never extreme positive stories, with the exception of the miners being rescued, so the negative stories have to be reported. If everyone just took the time to look at positive things and just flip the damn news off, they'd enjoy life more.

There's always a silver lining to every situation no matter how terrible it could be. Yes, life is terrible a lot of the times, but if we all focused on it, wouldn't we all be miserable? I guess a lot of people are miserable, but that's their own choice. Don't focus on how terrible life really is. Instead try to focus on the great things that exist and the great things that can exist. Stay positive in all aspects of your life and I guarantee your life will improve dramatically. I credit my negative experiences in life for changing the way I looked at everything. So please, change your attitude in life. Be positive. I don't care if you stay angry (I certainly do), but be positive about everything. Even when you're angry, you're venting. Hey! See that? I found a positive thing in a negative situation. I'm so good at this... Now fuck off and go be positive about your life no matter how shitty it is! Thanks for reading people.


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