Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fuck the Yankees and Baseball

Baseball sucks. All of it, except the Dodgers. Same with football, but that's for some other time. Baseball is boring, not a total team sport, not very physically demanding, and has too long of a season for the playoff format it employs. Seriously, 164-game regular season and only 8 total teams make the League Division Series, 4 National League and 4 American League. That's not even a grind. Try hockey. 82-game regular season. The most physically demanding sport possible; hitting, slashing, high speeds... It's a great recipe to get some bruises, to say the least. Travel all over the country and get hit every other night by angry 6-foot plus guys who all mostly weigh at least 200 pounds and are chasing you to get that little black, rubber disc to put it past your goalie, who oh by the way has to be flexible as fuck and is quite possibly the most important player in any team sport. After the 82 games of getting mashed into a pulp if you're good enough you make a 16 team playoff. That's the best half of the league and everyone squares off in a best of 7 series for a total of 4 rounds. Now if you make it outta the first round, you're doing alright, but a little banged up. If you make it outta the second round, you're doing really well, but I assure you you're so banged up it hurts to skate. If you make it outta the conference finals and into the Stanley Cup Finals, then you're doing amazing and you're most likely clinging to that last thread of life you have. By the time the SC Finals roll around, the two teams have been through 3 rounds of getting mashed into goop by 3 different teams who are battling just as hard to get to the promised land. If you win the Stanley Cup (the hardest trophy to win in all of sports) then you're on cloud 9 baby. Hoisting that Stanley Cup has got to go up there with the birth of your children, wedding, and the day you met your spouse as one of the greatest moments in anyone's life. Oh and the athletes are humble. All have sacrificed so much to be where they are that they're grateful for everything they have. The top player is paid $9.5M a year, but that's chump change compared to the top basketball players, or even the ridiculously over-paid, lazy, good-for-nothing, top baseball player. What do you see hockey players do with their money? Donate to a charity, or just keep quiet about it and live a humble life. Baseball players? Basketball players? Even some football players? You hear about them on E! News all the time. Spending money on booze, bitches, and drugs. Way to go guys. Y'all are supposed to be good examples for children aspiring to be professional athletes. Instead, you teach them to blow money on unnecessary shit that'll ruin your life or just be a gigantic waste. Either way, hockey players sacrifice much, much, MUCH more than any other athlete to get to where they are, and most don't even earn as much as they should for the risk they put themselves at every other night playing the sport they love. So like I said before, fuck the Yankees (I'm so glad they're eliminated) and FUCK BASEBALL. If you have a problem with what you're reading here, read the headline at the top of the page. If you don't like it here, leave. I couldn't care less if you were offended. I'm not forcing my opinions onto y'all or even forcing you to read this. These are my views, if you want to accept them for the truth that I believe them to be, then go right ahead, I welcome you to do it. But if you don't, that's cool too. Go on with your life as it was and don't mind what I just wrote about. It's ok. The Yankees will be right back next spring with a few more overpaid players they didn't develop or draft to try to buy another championship. It's ok. Fuck baseball. Hockey rules.


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