Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Lovin' It... The Food, Not the Protesters...

What is in McDonalds Food?!

Preservatives? That experiment gauged what the food would look like in weeks. Your digestive system passes that shit through within hours. So there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of what this video showed. All it did was let me know not to keep McDonalds food in a jar for weeks. It didn't say anything about how unhealthy it is for me or why I shouldn't eat it. That motherfucker Morgan Spurlock needs to go jump off a bridge. This video didn't show why we shouldn't eat McDonalds, only why we shouldn't leave that shit in jars. His documentary "Super Size Me" was a crock of shit too. He ate that shit non-stop for a whole month. If anyone is dumb enough to do that and not exercise the whole time then they deserve to have poor health. I ate McDonalds 3 times a day for a whole week once and nothing happened. I was as healthy as ever and the food was fucking delicious so I wasn't complaining. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna go to McDonalds in a few minutes and get some delicious fries, nuggets, and a big fat burger cuz I'm starving. The only reason people are so against McDonalds is that it's a huge corporation and the ppl who hate it are super liberal commies. McDonalds is a corporation yes, but it helps communities everywhere. The Ronald McDonald House Charity helps. This whole smear campaign against McDonalds isn't about a health issue, it's about a political issue. Commie fucking liberals don't like the idea of a huge corporation being around. Open your eyes people. If you do, you'll see that preservatives are found in mostly all food. Otherwise how the fuck else would we be able to store food at grocery stores or once we bought it? THINK PEOPLE! Alright, I'm off to get me some food at McDonald's. People, if you enjoy what you eat, keep eating it. The trick to staying healthy and in shape is EXERCISING. Look at me. I eat "nasty" shit all the time and I'm in pretty good shape. If it wasn't for this sports hernia I am currently nursing, I'd be out playing soccer this fall. As it stands though, I need to get that taken care of first surgically, then going through a rehab program to strengthen it again and then get back on the field. I assure you I will not change my diet in the slightest and I'll still be in great shape with a little conditioning. So just realize that my obstacle is a physical injury, not a bad diet. So there. Suck on that Morgan Spurlock and all others opposed to McDonalds.


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