Friday, October 1, 2010

The Piece of Shit at the Center of the Universe

So as many of you know, Greg Giraldo passed away earlier this week of an accidental prescription drug-overdose. He seemed like a really cool guy all the time and he was hilarious. Now, I went onto Riley Breckenridge's blog Trawling the Grey Matter and found an interesting article he posted about an interview some guy did with Greg Giraldo before he passed. It's very interesting to see how much Giraldo struggled with life. He was a standup guy everywhere you saw him on tv and you'd never assume a guy like him would be down in the dumps so much. Take a look at the interview and get a good insight into what he had to deal with on a daily basis. It's really eye-opening. Oh yeah, the thing he says about feeling like he's The Piece of Shit at the Center of the Universe and how he feels responsible for everything that goes wrong? I feel like that when something goes wrong. If I get into an argument with like my girlfriend, or my dad, or my mom? I honestly always feel it's my fault and I'm the biggest piece of shit so I'm always apologizing and feeling like crap. Anyway, check out the interview with Greg Giraldo. Rest In Peace man.

Interview w/Greg Giraldo

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