Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I've played about half of my rookie season at Silvercreek, and I JUST realized I can use this outlet to go over games and kind of explain what happened.


Starting next week, I will be doing just that. Tuesdays are gamedays so look for the recaps either late Tuesday nights or early Wednesday mornings. As of right now my team, Long Gone, is second in the league in the standings and in just about every statistical category. Personally, I am second in the league in assists and points, and first on my team in assists, second in goals, and second in penalty minutes.

We have a really good team. Our goalie is one of the top goalies in the league as far as I'm concerned. He manages to make those key saves to keep us in games and give us that little kick in the ass when we need it. He won't get beat too often on breakaways, partly because we're solid enough to not give any of those away.

Our defense is anchored by Slash and Greg, two stay-at-home defensemen who are good at communicating and covering for their respective partners on defense. Greg is the team's co-captain. Slash is the only right-handed defenseman on the team. On the other side of each pairing you have Tim, quite possibly our best skater on defense, and myself. Tim is a pure offensive defenseman who is also solid in his own end of the rink. He definitely takes a lot of risks jumping into the play, but luckily he's got Greg to hold down the fort for him. The thing with Tim is that because he knows he can skate by everyone, he ALWAYS shoots the puck and even if someone is open with a better opportunity to score, he won't pass the puck. As for myself, I'm more of a two-way defenseman, but I definitely chip in the points. I have scored a point in every game this season so that speaks to my offensive ability from the backend, but I can definitely defend the best the opposing team has to offer. I also have the speed to get back on defense which allows me to be as risky as I want on the offensive end. It definitely helps to have Slash holding down the fort.

Our forward group is also relatively good. We have a few standouts in Nelly, Jason, and Sia. Nelly and Sia would have to be considered our top forward group. Sia is a power forward who is strong and handles the puck well. Nelly is the shooter on that pairing. He has a good shot and he's smart enough to get into the open areas for Sia to find him. Jason is the stud forward on the team. He has excellent skating ability, puck-handling skills, and incredible hockey sense. It's amazing watching him out there skating circles around the opposing team. He can easily shake a defender out of his skates with one small skating move. The rest of our forward group consists of Sheri, Tony, Jon, G-Funk, and David. Sheri is the co-captain of the team and our most vocal player. Sheri and Jon are similar. They both battle hard, have great hockey sense, and can score some timely goals. Tony is one of the slower skaters, but he makes up for it with his hockey sense and ability to get to the front of the net for those garbage goals that every team needs. David and G-Funk are two forwards who can skate relatively well and provide plenty of energy up top wearing down the opposing team's defense by holding the puck in their end. Both have a bit of an edge to their game, and as such have each received two game suspensions. David served his earlier this season, and G-Funk has served the first of his two games.

Long Gone is the defending champion. The roster as it stands is the one that won the championship, with the exception of myself. I am the addition to this team, and hopefully I can help the team repeat as champions. Depending on how well we do this year, the team is looking forward to moving up into the next division.

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