Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roller Coaster

The metaphor of life being a roller coaster really is quite accurate.

Everyone starts at the same point. You all get on and go for the ride. There are the same ups and downs for everyone, but everyone experiences them in a different way.

Some people take the ups and downs pretty hard. They're either not used to it, or they have weak stomachs. Whatever the case may be, these people kick and scream the whole way down on every drop. In life, those are the whiners who can never get used to the bad parts of life. They can't handle them and so they complain.

Other people handle the ups and downs a lot better. They know they're there. They're experienced. They like the excitement of the ups and have a laugh on the downs. There's not throwing up, no crying, no moaning, no kicking and screaming. These people are the ones who are calloused to life. They've experienced enough to where they know the downs won't last forever and that the ups are just another part of the roller coaster that is life.

So why am I writing this?

I'm on one of the downs right now. I guess you can say I'm in between the experienced and the inexperienced. I don't kick and scream as much as the novices, but I'm not as calm and collected as the experts. I fall right in between. Occasionally I'll whine about things, but thankfully there's only three people on the ride with me so I'm not too embarrassed. Occasionally a person or two decide to sit away from me and let me ride front row alone while they enjoy the coaster from the middle or back.

Those three people are obviously always gonna be on that ride with me. I know they'll never get off and let me go completely alone. I KNOW THAT. It's a FACT. They're stuck on that ride with me. They may move to the front or back and leave me isolated, but I know they're still there. For that, I thank them. But when you're riding the coaster in the front, sometimes you can't help but feel like you're all alone on the ride and the panic sets.

Anyway, Korina, Mom, Karla: Stop riding in the fucking back and sit next to me goddamn it. I apologize if my stench moves you guys away from time to time, but don't move so far back.

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