Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flo Is A Total Hoe...

Who in their right mind names their kid "Flo"? Seriously? Was the mother going to name her Flower, but just croaked in the middle of writing the name?

Mother - "I want to name her Flo-" **Dies**
Doctor - "Umm... she wrote Flo... so that's her name."
Father - "Ok. Cool."

In all seriousness though, what does Flo mean? If anyone can answer that for me, please do. I am very curious as to what it means. I don't know, maybe the meaning is everything for this particular name.

In other news...

I attended my first Team Meeting at work last night from 8:30pm - 10:00pm and it was a bit long to be honest. I got a lot of information from some of the other more experienced sales reps and the managers. To be perfectly honest, it was too long and a tad boring. If anyone from work ever reads this they'll probably kick me in the shin for saying this about the meetings. I was pleasantly surprised to know that of all the new recruits hired last week, I had the highest sales over the first weekend on the job. I got a nice certificate and recognition in front of the Division Manager and all the other managers and experienced Sales Reps. It was very cool. The partial downside to that is that I now have to go into the office today and perform a practice demo in front of this week's new recruits. It's cool that they want to show me off as an impressive new sales rep, but I haven't really done anything too amazing. I just made 3 sales and I managed to make as much as I did. It's all good though.


Half of my co-workers are Asians. What the fuck is with Asians doing sales? I didn't know they were good at that. Actually, the manager that asked me to come in today is Asian and he's the one who interviewed me. I'm not too excited, but I have to do it so I will. I'm gonna get some awesome lunch first though. I'm off to make some more observations in my day. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some fucked up shit. If you have any interesting observations you wanna discuss or have analyzed post it in the comments. I'll be sure to get to it as soon as I can.


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