Monday, April 11, 2011

Dodgers - Giants

If I hear that any Dodger fan was beat at AT&T Park tonight, I'm gonna be pissed with the "classy" San Francisco fans. No doubt the shameless idiots at Dodger Stadium who beat that Giants fan should have been aborted before birth, or at least sat on right after being shat out, but having a fan base call ALL Dodger fans the worst in sports, and then retaliating is unacceptable. It drops them below those idiots who did the same thing in LA. Let's keep it civil and just enjoy A GAME. That's all it is in the end. Sure, a little verbal rousing is okay, but let's leave it at that. Anything that escalates past that is not cool.

To end this post, LET'S GO DODGERS

1 comment:

  1. Word!!! "The rivalry ends with the last out."