Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen of the universe,

I am writing this letter as a general memorandum to all those of you who choose to "speak" to God on Facebook.

What the fuck are you guys doing? Does God check Facebook? I don't think so. If he does, he sure as hell never comments on my posts. But anyway, lately I've been witness to several people "speaking" to God in posts and claiming to love Him and how they desperately need Him. They claim that He knows everything and that's what matters. First off, if you have faith and believe in it, then yes he does know everything, so your lame attempt to make yourself seem religious and innocent fails. Again, if you believe in God, yes, he knows everything, even that lie you're posting as your status for all the world to see. He can see right through you and knows your true intentions so please stop playing the victim. You're only digging yourself an even deeper grave.

Another thing, your drama has NOTHING to do with God. Your drama is between you and the person(s) you have beef with. Stop putting that shit out on Facebook to get a pity party going to make yourself feel better. All the people "feeling sorry" for you on there are also just doing it for themselves to cash in on favors in the future or just to get attention. ALSO, if you're friends with the person you're beefing with, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU POST THAT DRAMA ON FACEBOOK. They have access to it and can comment back to continue that argument online for everyone to see. On that note, please have some goddamn shame. Keep your problems to yourself. The more private you are, the more people will be able to tolerate you. No one likes a loud-mouth, annoying headcase. Keep your shit to yourself, and you'll be happier and people will actually stick their neck out to help you.

Again, just a general memo to all Facebook users. It was just a little observation I had made a while back and now recently saw a re-occurrence of it that bugged me. My blog IS for all these racy and unpopular statements and observations, so it's your fault if you read this and become offended. Remember, if you're offended, you're being a puss. "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy for those who think." Understand this is my own opinion and is not being force-fed to anyone. If anyone chooses to accept what I say and agree with it, then more power to them. If you disagree, that's also fine with me. Everyone's got opinions and we're all entitled to them.



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